The property of future generations

As heritage spreads to cover an ever wider and more varied ground, there are more and more places, buildings, objects and collections sucked into the vacuum of the heritage label, there to be suspended in airless changelessness – for future generations.… Read More The property of future generations


A few of my favourite things

This week, we are talking about some of my favourite heritage-related things: inscriptions.* Gravestones and dates on houses, yes, but also the little notes added by people in the past that give you a glimpse into the past of someone else’s life.… Read More A few of my favourite things

The Benefit of Farting

Anthony Adler writes:
Last month, as David Mitchell reported in his column for the Observer, a secret memo-leaker kicked up a bit of a stink. 2018 will see the 80th anniversary of that redoubtable cultural icon The Beano, and for this reason it has been suggested that the V&A’s plaster cast of Michelangelo’s David* should be fitted with a discreet little speaker, and that this speaker, quite naturally, should emit some rather indiscreet noises (though the memo does not mention any actual stink).… Read More The Benefit of Farting